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Sculptor's Muse: Aussie visitor to my studio

Felix Molski from Australia with my portrait bust of Kosciuszko

An honor.... to be a small part of a larger concept to honour one of humanity's greatest heroes. Felix Molski from Australia has a vision: to document every memorial and sculpture of Tadeusz Kosciuszko. He is part of the Kosciuszko Heritage, Inc and is working hard to have his information gathered and organized for the fall of this year. Part of his work was to spend a month visiting the USA and Europe to personally photograph Kosciuszko related monuments, from plaques to monuments, this vast amount of work is amazing. I had met Felix previously when I was at the United States Military Academy unveiling my bronze portrait bust of Gen. Kosciuszko. (There are three extant sculptures of this bust, one in New York, one in the town hall of Kosciusko, Mississippi and one in my personal collection. The bust was taken from my life-size monument of Gen. Kosciuszko installed at Red Bud Springs Park in Kosciusko, Mississippi.)

Kosciuszko monument unveiled in 2006

Felix contacted me about his trip and we coordinated a time for him to drive to my studio in Tennessee. It was a wonderful visit, I enjoyed learning about his "monumental" project and, as a sculptor, enjoyed pouring over his collections of photos showing sculptures of Kosciuszko in the past two centuries. Not only did I meet an amazing man, now a dear friend, with an incredible passion for his work - I was able to glimpse the important responsibility and valuable part that a sculptor's art plays in the history....and future... of humanity.

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