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Portrait of Christ Sculpture Devotional

"This is how I sing" Dr. Sam Gore, Sculptor

When asked to speak at chapel service, Dr. Gore prayed asking God for direction.  God gave him the inspiration to use the gift and talent of his sculpting to portray the Gospel of Christ.  Likened to 'special music' where those gifted musically sing or play their instruments, Dr. Gore would 'sing' through his hands and the medium of clay.   In 1993 he taught this method of sculpting a devotional to his apprentice, Tracy H. Sugg.

Tracy spent three years mastering this method.   Since that time, Tracy has sculpted The Portrait of Christ in various churches in the US, as well as in France, Italy and Guatemala. 

         Elaborating on the devotional of Dr. Gore, Tracy includes symbolic   

 elements to portray the Crucifixion, Death, Burial and Resurrection of Christ.

Dr. Sam Gore the Head of Christ
Tracy H Sugg Portrait of Christ

In 27 Minutes 

Starting with about 80 pounds of clay, which has been built up on a turning base. 


Experience the story

The purpose of the devotional is to allow viewers to experience the Gospel Story through the medium of clay.  

Tracy H Sugg Portrait of Christ

 Sculpture Devotional

 Tracy's hands tell the Gospel by sculpting the portrait of Christ with a background of music and special lighting.

Tracy H Sugg Portrait of Christ

The Gospel through clay

In 27 minutes, Tracy sculpts a likeness based on her research of Semitic bone structure.  Then elements of the

Crucifixion, Death, Burial and Resurrection are powerfully portrayed.


For information in bringing The Portrait of Christ sculpture devotional to your church, click here to contact.


After the devotional, Tracy breaks down the sculpture, which is in essence a 'rough sketch' quickly created, and the clay is reused in her studio.

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