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Sculptor's Muse: Work in the Studio

One major facet of the artist is experimentation. Currently I am experimenting with a way to display fired clay sculptures outdoors. The issue is the freeze/thaw effect created when clay sculptures absorb moisture, then that moisture freezes and expands damaging the sculpture. With the current innovative sealers that are available, I plan to 'seal' the sculpture and then apply a patina over that. My goal is to create an outdoor clay sculpture that would be as durable as concrete or stone. Though bronze is 'the' medium preferred for outdoor sculptures, the cost reflects the materials used - so a 'sealed' fired clay sculpture, though not as durable as bronze, could potentially be as durable as concrete or stone - and the cost would be much less than bronze. This would provide a broader range of options for those who collect my sculptures.

The sculpture I created for this experiment is a life-size full figure. My daughter modeled for this allegorical figure, "Truth Proclaimed" which is companion to my earlier sculpture of "Truth Denied." Though the iconic torch is used, the composition was inspired by my research of the early 20th century Beaux Art sculptors; Karl Bitter and Daniel Chester French. The photo shows the sculpture in progress.

I will post updates as the sculpture progresses.

Future posts:

The unveiling ceremony of "Rachel Weeping" the monumental 8 ft bronze figure installed in the prayer garden of St. Richard Catholic Church in Jackson, MS. July 18th at 9:30 am.

New works to be announced: the "Lyrical" sculpture series.


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