Sculptor's Muse: Why does one want Art?

I noticed a recent article on the NGA site "When Racism and Sexim are no longer fashionable, what will your art collection be worth?" Though not the writer's intention - I laughed out loud. I have noticed for quite a while now, that the reasons people collect art are, for the most part, the wrong reasons. In my visits to art museums, I go to view and study the exhibits of artists from the past that have skill and create beautiful artworks so I can learn and be inspired. However, the other ongoing exhibits of contemporary artists are more of those that have a social justice mantra and are using "art" to slap the viewer across the face visually. These "artistic" diatribes and temper tantrums are hand in hand with perceived victimhood and the easily offended.

Why does one want art? To step away from the 'sancrasanct' marble walls of the art museums and galleries - the truth is that everyone wants art, whether they realize it or not. Is your home decorated in any way? Do you have anything on the walls besides a paint color? Do you have a preference on what your car looks like? What about the clothes you wear? Art is a part of humanity, it is "what makes us human." Animals have instinct and instinctually we see beauty in the building of their 'homes', but I have yet to see a bird hang a painting in a nest, or a spider have a couple of planters with flowers to deck his front door. And the beauty that we do see, is a reflection of their Creator, and our Creator. To humanity alone was given the artistic gift and the desire for things of Truth and Beauty.

Why does one want art? A good reason would be because it is something you LIKE. You are drawn to the colors or patterns or more importantly the artwork draws an emotional response from you that is good. I tell people to collect art that means something to them. I don't care if it is posters from a chain store or resin decorations - the best advice I can give is to BE INTENTIONAL! Don't put things on your walls to take up empty space. Wait, and search, and find the 'right' thing. One should be intentional about the space and atmosphere you create and surround yourself with. Build an art collection that to quote my motto "...strengthens the soul."

I would encourage those looking at collecting art to be entirely selfish in a way. Don't collect artwork because of what the gallery dealer said, or so-and-so critic, or because it's a "This" name artist. Collect artwork because in your heart you have to have that piece, it truly speaks to you.

I am amusingly annoyed at people who look at my work solely for the reason that I am a 'woman' artist. If I may, in sheer irony to prove a point, step in to the trending stream of the 'easily offended' - all this tells me is that my work is not good enough to 'stand on it's own' and you have to rely on my gender in order for it to be worth your purchasing it. Truly, the highest compliment I can have is when one see's my artwork and it means something to them - regardless of who I am.

So, be intentional with your art collection. Whether you realize you are creating a collection or not, the fact is you are putting things on your walls, and collecting 'decor'. I tell my children the two best things I can pass down to them is a great art collection and a great library. What do you want to collect?

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