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Strength of the Oil Field life-size Bronze Monument

“The Strength of the Oil Field” monument destined for the Western Heritage Museum Complex in Hobbs, New Mexico, is a testament to the workers of the Permian oil fields. Drawing from the rich heritage of oil exploration and drilling, this monument will serve as a reminder of both the rugged history of the oil field and the asset that will continue to drive the industry in the future— people. Amidst the heavy equipment, high technology, and powerful rigs, it is the rough neck himself who truly is the strength of the oil field. This life-size bronze monument features two roughnecks at a time of changing technology and equipment in the oil field. One is wearing the traditional aluminum helmet characteristic of the 1930’s to the late 1960’s, while the other is wearing the newer-style helmet seen from the late ‘60’s onward. This drilling table scene, so familiar to all with a connection to the oil field, is a reminder of the fathers, husbands, grandfathers and sons who have worked and continue to work the long hours and hard jobs of the industry. In viewing this monument, everyone can look with pride at the job their grandfather used to do, or place their hands on the tools their father handled. This will truly be an opportunity for viewers to touch history. The key element in this monument is the show of strength of the two workers. One can easily sense the power and motion as the workers bear down with the large tongs, “making them bite.” Not only does this show the physical strength of the individual workers, but this illustrates the larger picture— that the men on the rigs were in fact the “Strength of the Oil Field.” The Western Heritage Museum is pleased to offer reproductions of the monument in bronze for $7800 (height to the top of the pipe stem is 18”, height of the figures is 12”), with proceeds benefitting the monument casting. Larger reproductions are also available upon request. Custom-worded plaques may also be cast into the sculptures for recognition or for memorials. Contact: Calvin B. Smith Executive Director Western Heritage Museum Complex New Mexico Junior College 5317 Lovington Highway Hobbs, NM 88240 575.492.2676 phone 575.399.0653 cell 575.492.2680 fax Tracy H. Sugg, Sculptor Fine Art Bronze and Monuments 105 Knob Creek Rd WarTrace, TN 37183 931-813-3200 "Sculpture that reflects a touch of the Infinite."

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