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"Winding Home - French Fashion"
(a double entendre - for the Huntsman will 'wind' his horn, yet the painting shows them 'winding' home on the trails from the hunt.  This hunting attire in this painting is French not British - therefore the 'French Fashion')
Sold  $1200

The Love of Sport

(companion to Morning Hunt below which shows the hunt starting out at sunrise)


“This is our heritage; the love of sport” - Will H. Ogilvie 1869-1963


30” by 40”




Morning Hunt

(companion to The Love of Sport which shows the hunt coming home at sunset)


“The soul of a huntsman sings for joy of a Hunting Morn” - Will H. Ogilvie 1869-1963


30” by 40”

Sold  $1800



(Fox Hounds are always counted as couples)
Sold  $1200
(who has 'check'?
who has 'checkmate'?)
Dance of the Hunt

Legacy of the Hunt

“Hunting is our music, it is our poetry, it is our art, it is our pleasure. It is where many of our best friendships are made, it is our community. It is our whole way of life” - Baroness Mallalieu’s speech in Hyde Park July 10, 1997


Sold $2400

Reynard's Journal -

November, The Coming Storm.....

(Reynard is the French word for 'fox'.  Fox Hunting opens in the month of November, so there is a double entendre with the storm in the background of the painting, and the coming storm of the fox hunting season.)



Speak, Mute, Feather...

Honor, Feather, Cry

(these words are used in fox hunting to describe the various attitudes of the hounds from left to right)

Sold $2200

The Music of the Hound and Horn


“Now, with the woods forsaken & the empty fields forlorn, Let the desolate spaces waken to the music of hound & horn” - Will H. Ogilvie 1869-1963



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