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What's happening in the Studio?

New sculptures are continually being created. 

This page will give you a glimpse of the current works in progress.


"Diana of the Hill" is a stoneware clay sculpture, recently completed in the studio.  Commissioned by a Tennessee collector; this piece reflects a "Diana" at rest, feeding the deer and enjoying the peaceful woods.
Photos of the sculpture prior to firing.
"Adoration" is part of the Linda N. Rittenhouse collection and is now cast in bronze.  This is the first sculpture I created with a white patina.
Memorial to the Sanctity of Life in progress
Adoration Bronze Sculpture

Adoration Bronze Sculpture

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Father John and Tracy H Sugg with Rachel
Currently in the studio, Tracy has completed the original clay 8 ft figure of "Rachel Weeping..." a memorial to the Sanctity of Life.  This moving and dramatic over life-size sculpture was commissioned by the Knights of Columbus at St. Richard's Catholic Church in Jackson, Mississippi.  The sculpture will be cast in bronze in the spring of 2020.  The sculpture is being cast at Inferno Art Foundry in Georgia.
Photo:  Casting bronze in the head and upper torso of "Rachel Weeping" photo credit: Carl Pelizza
Photo:  Father John Bohn in the studio viewing the sculpture of "Rachel Weeping"
Rachel Weeping

Rachel Weeping

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