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TimeLapse - Sunrise in the Studio

A dramatic time lapse video condensing four hours in 50 seconds as the sun rises across my recently completed self portrait in the studio.

Underneath on the table you will see a small clay sketch (bozzetto/ebauche) for the larger sculpture I am currently working on titled "The Source."

Exciting News! Marble blocks have now arrived in New York and will soon be on their way to the studio! More to come in future blogs about this exciting commission. #TrowandHolden #BotticinoClassicoMarble #SacredSculpture

I leave you with an art inspired smile!


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Jul 03
Rated 5 out of 5 stars.

Lovely to see art change in different lighting! Phil. 4:8 is such an encouragement too.


Jun 22

I love how the morning light slowly reveals what is unseen in the darkness. That is also true in our lives as the light of God's presence brings light into our souls. Rob


Sally Sherrouse
Sally Sherrouse
Jun 21

So lovely and wonderful to see the completed work. I like the light best that lights your face toward the end of the time lapse. Happy to see the smock is still serving your purposes too! Sally


Jun 21

That is so cool! The way the sun finds its way across your face is lovely! (That's an inadequate description - I'm a math major and don't do words well) -Jo


Jun 20

Way cool :-) Great work and so effectively placed - Yahweh's luminary does the rest.

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