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MichelAngelo: I am still learning....

When MichelAngelo was 86, he stated "I am still learning." Amidst my comissions I am constantly studying as well. I was thrilled to see the exhibit of two of my favorite American sculptors: Augustus St. Gaudens and Daniel Chester French in Nashville. With sketchbook in hand, woodless graphite and white conte, I can quickly capture sketches. I made a tapestry 'satchel' that my sketchpad can fit in along with specialized pockets for my tools. This was the first of several trips I intend to make to study these amazing sculptures in person.

By using a toned paper, the mid values are already in place, allowing me to quickly sketch in the composition, throw in the darks and then touch highlights with the conte.

When sketching in museums, I have to be quick so I'm not blocking the sculpture from those wanting to see it. Sometimes I finish a sketch out more completely when I get back to the studio.

In the Nashville area and want to see a great exhibit?

Viewing a traveling exhibit that is soley sculpture is a rare treat. Paintings and drawings are much easier to pack and transport than three dimensional sculptures. So if you are able to have the time to come view Monuments and Myths, I highly recommend doing so.

More exciting news to come this year, so keep an eye on your email for future blogs.

In the meantime, here's an "art smile"


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