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Sculptor's Muse: The Art Collector

Part of the Lavieri colleciton prior to delivery and installation

A person's art collection reflects so much of them, and that is important as many collections are passed down through the family - each generation expanding the collection, adding their own personal stamp. Many art collections of wealthy families have been the beginnings of museum or library collections, which in turn, is a great gift to the public to be able to view the artworks collected by those with discerning taste and an eye for a specific style of art.

My artwork has been in various collections over the years, from civic to private, and I enjoy seeing where and who each sculpture goes to. Though most of my sculptures are in collections in the USA, I do have a few in France and Italy, while last year I shipped a bronze to Australia.

My own personal collection of artwork includes works from various contemporary artists, as well as antique sculptures and paintings - which I love to collect! These not only provide me with a beautiful collection of my own, but also provide art for me to study from as well.

My husband, Robert says "Beauty strengthens the soul" and I consider it a beloved duty to surround our home with beautiful artwork, intentionally collected.

In 2018, I was contacted by Brenda Lavieri. I worked with her for several months creating a sculpture collection for their beautiful home. Brenda has a discerning eye and wanted a Mediterranean theme for her collection. In addition to my sculptures, she collected Italian pottery and hand painted majolica tiles for her home.

When people ask me about collecting art, I respond that you should collect what you love! - original artwork when possible, beautiful reproductions, and always be intentional. Don't just throw a painting on a wall, or put a sculpture on a stand because you 'need something to fill the space' - but go out , search and find that 'Perfect' piece of artwork. Doing so will add a depth, beauty and purpose to your own collection - and who knows - perhaps one day your collection may end up in the Met!

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