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Sculptor's Muse: The Sculptor's Smock

Tools of the trade are vital - my tools are precise, some have been personally designed by me and then crafted by a woodworker, Andy Metts. However, in addition to my tools, my Sculptor’s Smock is important for my work.

Sculptors have used smocks throughout history. Bernini, the Baroque sculptor even met the Queen of Sweden wearing his sculpting smock - she was so touched by the symbolism of the act that she reached out and touched it. Smocks were used to protect one’s clothing from the dust of clay and marble.

I loved the 'patched' part of the upper sleeve, I've patched my old smock many times!

Smocks were made of linen, with plenty of room for the arms to move, thus the sleeves were full. They could be knee length or longer and some had pockets.

Wearing my 'winter' smock with the full sleeves.

As the linen jacket I had used for 20 years as a smock had finally worn out all its patched holes, it was time for another smock. Though there are painter’s smocks to be found in abundance, a sculptor’s smock was not. So I began the journey! First, the fabric. I was able to find the fabric from a local supplier who brought flax linen straight from the oldest flax mill in Lithuania - pretty awesome! [This linen can be purchase from Fuel So Good Coffee Roasters in Tullahoma, TN. They have an online shop as well.

Linen is durable and can also breathe - a necessity for a sculptor’s work.

Then working with a friend of mine who is seamstress, Sally Sherrouse. We worked together to create a pattern that would fit (not only me!) but all the requirements I needed for a sculptor’s smock.

One of the best things is the pockets, deep enough for my hands, while inside the pockets, I designed a curved pocket with sections sewn for tools to be placed. That way when I’m working between tools, each one has it’s own ‘sleeve’ inside my big pockets, this keeps them separated and upright, quick to pull out as I need them.

Not only did I have a full sleeved smock made, I also had Sally make a sleeveless one. So in essence, I now have a ‘winter smock’ and a ‘summer smock’.

The pocket design is invaluable and when I walk into the studio and put on my smock - I’m ready for any visit from Royalty!

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