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The Sculptor's Muse: the Enchantment of Unveilings

The moment every sculptor lives for: the unveiling of the sculpture! I always encourage my collectors to have an unveiling of their sculpture, especially when it is a public arena - monuments, universities, corporations, or in this case... a hospital. St Dominic's Hospital in Jackson, MS. Unveiling adds that unique anticipation to your sculpture, heightening the drama and expectation of the viewer. In the case of St Dominic's it was beautifully done! The sculpture arrived a few months prior to the unveiling date, and after being uncrated and viewed by a select few of the commissioning committee, it was kept undercover until the day of the event. The "Dominican Sister" was then taken up to the lobby to be placed in situ, carefully uncrated underneath the unveiling fabric just to make sure those in the busy lobby of the hospital didn't get a sneak peek! As the time drew closer to the event, the veiled figure in the lobby caused lots of anticipation and as the crowds came for the ceremony, the expectation was palpable. The crowning moment arrived when five Dominican Sisters were called forward to unveil the sculpture to a beautiful applause! That moment always marks the high point for me: all the work, the research, the casting...all of it comes together as the sculpture, now unveiled, communicates its emotion and message to the viewer. I love it! Seeing the expressions on the faces around me and hearing their comments afterwards, this is truly the reward of every sculptor. Yes, I do love unveilings and the anticipation it gives to much so, that I even chose not to know the gender of any of my children! Talk about an anticipated unveiling among family and friends!

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