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The Sculptor's Muse - Glass & Stoneware Clay - combining art forms

I have been working with glass artist, Tammy O'Connor of Vitric Vision Glass Studio. We have been researching a way to slump glass over sculpture. Tammy conducted numerous trials, broke tons of glass, and finally discovered a breakthrough (no pun intended). This first trial piece was inspired by St. Paul "Behold, we see through a glass darkly". Interestingly our intention was to have the figure completely veiled by the glass. Tammy chose a smoothly textured irridescent glass so you could still see the figure underneath. Pane after pane of glass continued to break as she tried various ways to slump the glass over the figure, thus making a 'veil'. When she opened the kiln this past time, she first saw the tiny peice of glass that had broken and thought 'back to the drawing board' - then she looked where it had broken... and immediately called me! The small peice of glass had broken as if the fingers of the hand had torn through the fabric! This also allows you to peer through the 'torn' hole and see the face of the figure. What a beautiful sculpture! I will attach a photo, but for more photos I will create an album of this one piece.

Tammy and I are now moving forward, and plan to create a series of glass/sculptures which we plan to have completed by later this fall. In the meantime, our first experiement stands backlit in my parlor window. A beautiful symbolic piece in so many ways.

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