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Tres Amigas- The Art of Energy

For those of you following Tracy’s work this summer in Santa Fe with the Tres Amigas bronze sculpture, we now have photographs of the completed bronze with the multi-color patina. Below is a copy of the email we sent to those in the field of energy that were interested in the sculpture – and as it summed everything up so well, we decided to send it to our newsletter list too. Enjoy – -

In a Platts online article “Transmission as art, New Mexico-style” Kathy Larsen states: In what has to be a first-ever development, Tres Amigas is forever immortalized as bronze art. …For those who toil in meetings and documents, this is just to remind us why we need artists.

We are excited about the interest Tres Amigas has created in the energy arena, as well as the area of fine art. Tracy’s diligence in historic research and expertise in sculpting the figure are beautifully evident in Tres Amigas. Paying close attention to detail on each figure, Tracy personally directed the multi-color patina onsite at the foundry. The attached photographs show the depth of beauty in the colors of the patina, and the rhythmic motion of the figures; the flowing shawl of a Hispanic lady, the beaded elegance of a Native American, and the prosaic simplicity of a pioneer settler. Tres Amigas is a beautiful and unique addition to any art collection – bringing together the beauty of the historic diversity of New Mexico and the art of combined energy in the nation.

We are pleased to offer the Tres Amigas bronze sculpture – orders placed this month can be completed before Christmas.

Tres Amigas bronze sculpture can be ordered in two sizes. You can also choose the patina you prefer for your sculpture: the multi-color patina (as seen in the photos) or a traditional warm brown patina. All sculptures come on a stained and routed walnut base with turntable, so the sculpture can easily be viewed from all angles.


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