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First Prize- Springhouse Art Competition

This past Friday evening, I was awarded first place at the 2010 Springhouse Art Competition. The bronze sculpture titled “The Redemption of Adam and Eve” was chosen from out of 160 artworks selected from a juried competition. To see a great music video of the exhibition check out the Facebook link below (if I was techie enough, I would put it here somehow– my bronze sculpture begins and ends the video. The clay sculpture of the lady with the violin is also one of my works.

Springhouse Gallery Art Show paste the link below to see the video

Also note that all the pottery shown is by Robert including the whimsical teapot ‘the leggedy beastie – when caffeine takes form’

In addition to this excitement, the stained glass windows “Jesus and the Children” were installed last week at the First United Methodist Church in Tullahoma. Tammy O’Connor, stained glass artist of Vitric Vision glass studio asked meto execute all of the painting of the six figures for two large windows (5 foot by 6 foot each) for a children’s room at the church. Tammy and I collaborated on the design and have been working since June on this project. Each piece of glass that I worked on was fired three times. Painting on stained glass is generally a three step process, with each step being fired in a kiln: tracing, matting and veiling. I have worked with stained glass before and enjoyed working on this large project with Tammy O’Connor. She is an incredibly creative artist, and it is an honor to work beside someone who is so gifted in what they do.

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