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                                         Enjoy perusing my virtual gallery of available works


Sculpture Still Life
Oil Paintings

A sculptor paints her own sculptures
into classical still life compositions.

Symone with Chinoiseries
16"  by 20" canvas - comes framed
800  plus tax for Tennessee collectors

Symone,  of African and Eastern European descent, modelled for Tracy who chose to create her as a Neoclassical sculpture. In the painting Tracy added a touch of the orient with the blue and white porcelain and Persian rug in the background as an accent.


Authority in Matters of Taste
18"  by 24" canvas - comes framed
850  plus tax for Tennessee collectors

Featuring one of  Tracy's sculpture in her personal collection, the title refers to an expert found in all cultures & eras - this was an actual position that was held in the court of the Roman Empire.


Sleeping Beauty
16"  by 20" canvas - comes framed
800  plus tax for Tennessee collectors

Modeled by the sculptor's daughter, with antique roses from her garden alongside those sculpted on the figure.  Inspired from the fairy tale, and a neoclassical German sculpture in which the sculptor placed Sleeping Beauty in a throne as opposed to a couch or bed.


Pensieri with French Blue
16"  by 20" canvas - comes framed
800  plus tax for Tennessee collectors

Modelled by the sculptor's daughter, "Pensieri" meaning 'thoughtful' - letters written and received - The sculpture is surrounded by French blue; the plume and French tapestry bell pull makes the composition thought-provoking indeed.


Diana in Situ
12"  by 16" canvas - comes framed

Tracy's sculpture of Diana on an antique base with beribboned antler and entwined with ivy from her garden.  This painting is also reproduced on European linen napkins - a perfect gift. Buy them here.

DSC00385 (2).JPG

Christmas Advent
11" by 14" canvas - comes framed


The only painting in the series that doesn't feature one of Tracy's sculptures, however, it does feature a sculpture in her collection. In her historic home built in 1852, an antique marble sculpture is wrapped in lace and adorned with halo and wings, bearing a crystal star for the Advent of the Christmas Season.


Peacock Pose
18"  by 24" canvas - comes framed

Inspired by an Art Nouveau sculpture “The Peacock Fairy” the composition was modified and the sculpture flanked by peacock feathers for the painting.  Tracy created this sculpture years ago as a base for a light in her home.


The Spirit of Arcanum Sculpture
18"  by 24" canvas - comes framed
850  plus tax for Tennessee collectors

Featuring Tracy's sculpture of "Truth Prevailed" in her own collection, this painting is an homage to the sculptor’s studio the “Arcanum Atelier”; figurative sculpture, book of art history, calipers and favorite tool


11"  by  14" canvas - comes framed
700  plus tax for Tennessee collectors

The sculpture in this painting is in a private collection.  Yet for the painting, instead of referencing a specific person; "Prodigy" is a nod to all childhood-turned-masters in their craft at an early age.


A Glass of Wine with You
16"  by 20" canvas - comes framed
800  plus tax for Tennessee collectors

This sculpture is in a private collection and is showcased in this painting as it is one of Tracy's favorite sculptures representing "Autumn." The title is inspired by a 17th century British response to someone who spoke cleverly or said something you heartily agree with.  The corkscrew suspended on the back wall was picked up in France by Tracy - the handle is made from grapevine.


Pearl Drop with Demitasse
12"  by  16" canvas - comes framed
750 plus tax for Tennessee collectors

This delicate sculpture is available and is listed at the bottom of this page.  "Purity" has a bronze filigree chain with a pearl drop. What's not to love? art, pearls, antiques and a Limoges teacup collected by the sculptor at an outdoor market in France.


Christmas Season
16"  by 20" canvas - comes with a vintage gold frame

With antique sheet music as a backdrop, this painting features two of Tracy's sculptures.  The "violinist" was a Christmas gift to her husband, a slightly modified version of one she sold - which he later admitted was one of his favorites!  The Christ Child was sculpted by Tracy years ago for her family to have displayed during the Christmas Season.  This painting comes in a beautiful vintage gold frame with a linen accent.

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