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Summer Sunrise in Kosciuszko's Garden Fine Art Print

Though a sculptor, Tracy H Sugg has a strong background in oil painting.  Summer Sunrise in Kosciuszko's Garden at West Point is an oil painting in the Hudson River School style.  The depth of research reflected in the history and details of the garden make these fine art reproduction giclee prints a treasure for the collector and historian alike.

Fine Art Reproduction Prints - Limited Edition of 100 in each size

Certificate of authenticity and historic notes included

Signed by Tracy H. Sugg - Archival Giclee Print

Size                        Cost

18"  x  24"            $450

24"  x  30"            $735

30"  x  40"            $1,150

           plus $20 shipping

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The oldest garden in America, Kosciuszko's Garden can still be seen today by visitors to the United States Military Academy at West Point, NY.  This painting reflects the original topography of the time that Kosciuszko worked there.  Notes about the garden from a contemporary observer Dr. James Thatcher are included in the historic notes and describe the garden and fountain created by Kosciuszko. The wildflowers depicted are those that would be blooming in that area of New York at that time in history - and are those that are akin to similar wildflowers in Poland.  This was done because research indicates that Kosciuszko planted flowers near the fountain that reminded him of those he knew in Poland.

 The bucket and shovel  reflect the documents that he lowered soil by bucketfulls to create the remote garden., True to the philosophy of the Hudson River School, a dead tree stump is included in the painting as a momento mori, however, Tracy has also painted new growth rising from the roots to symbolize Kosciuszko's efforts that eventually led to Poland's freedom albeit after his death.

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